Adventures from the Road Less Traveled

Getting clear on what we offer, who we serve, and how to bring our best selves to what we do is the key to successful sales. Read more from the blog of sales coaching and business coaching leader Hannah Bratterud.

Whose emergency is it?

Pressure does strange things to people, doesn’t it? A perfectly pleasant person, maybe it’s your boss, maybe it’s your boss’ boss, begins acting like their hair is on fire and it’s everybody else’s responsibility to fix it. To put out the fire. Their fire. And...

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This week, in Warsaw

In a roomy apartment in downtown Warsaw, with tall, vaulted ceilings, big windows are letting in light dappled by old chestnut trees in the churchyard across the street. I’m getting some time and space to think. To reflect on ideas and important concepts while...

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“Through my blog and my business, I am dedicated to helping you achieve stronger sales results, grow as a leader, and build better teams. I am passionate about people, and I’m always looking for new insights into the science behind selling, influence, and learning. I want to share what I’m learning with you!”

Hannah Bratterud