Sales Training

Business Coaching & Leadership Development

Multiplier Consulting Group facilitates organizational success from the inside out, offering sales training, leadership development, and business performance coaching to empower your confidence and unleash your potential.

Clarify your path towards sales success and lasting fulfillment.

Clarify your path towards sales success and lasting fulfillment.


Our flagship training program — The Multiplier Sale™ gives small business owners, sales teams, and individuals the tools and confidence to make sales a positive, purposeful experience for themselves and their customers.


For those just starting out with limited resources and big motivation — the Multiplier Sale™ Workbook. This workbook is an accessible, affordable, and active path to understanding, building, and achieving your sales strategies.

Online Course

The Multiplier Sale™ Course is a digital, self-paced workshop that expands on the principles detailed in the workbook. It’s a comprehensive guide built on interactive participation, thoughtfully organized to take you from “Where am I?” to “Let’s do this!”


Whether you’re beginning your sales journey as a solopreneur or seeking to get strategic with your professional leadership, personalized coaching with Hannah Bratterud supports every aspect of your approach to sales.

One-on-One Coaching

Hannah Bratterud offers exclusive sales, business, and neuroleadership coaching on a limited basis. Her wealth of experience, proven strategies, empathetic approach, and empowering mentorship can help you level-up every aspect of your leadership and sales journey.

Online Course with
Personalized Coaching

Maximize your comprehension and clarify your next steps with the personal support of sales expert and business coach Hannah Bratterud. This coaching package is available as an add-on to The Multiplier Sale™ Online Course.

Hannah Bratterud | Founder, Sales Coach

Hannah combines her organizational psychology and neuroleadership background with over two decades of industry expertise — and a natural ability to help others feel genuinely seen and supported.

“I’m on a mission to build communities and develop cultures where people are free to breathe, grow, and learn. Where they can expand themselves and their skills, while feeling a sense of real belonging. I help people unlock their potential by facilitating learning in a positive, collaborative environment that empowers them to achieve their vision of success.

My purpose in life is to make a positive impact on other people’s lives. I believe there is potential for greatness in each one of us, so I look for the light in every person, and invite their greatness to shine.”

“Companies that provide real-time, deal-specific sales coaching increased revenue by 8.4% year-over-year – a 95% improvement over companies that don’t provide that level of coaching.”