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I help businesses grow their revenue, build better teams, and multiply their results. I do that by teaching them how to build better relationships, and to apply an authentic, consistent approach to their sales efforts.

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Sales Adventures from the Road.

During the last 6 months of 2019 I traveled around Europe, looking for clues to great sales and service, sometimes from the back of a motorcycle. I’ve been sharing my observations and lessons from the road. You can follow along by following my blog, Sales and the Art of Asking: Adventures from the Road Less Traveled.

Matters of Perspective: 2020
Reality is a matter of perspective. Through the examples from my own “then” and “now” reality, learn how a change of perspective can change everything!
Quit crying (part II)
Learn three specific, brain-friendly strategies for effective emotional self-regulation:
• Labeling
• Reappraisal
• Expectation management

CONNECT with authenticity and purpose
Get ideas for how to identify and reach out to decision makers, practice your elevator pitch, and schedule discovery meetings.

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