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I help businesses grow their revenue, build better teams, and multiply their results. I do that by teaching them how to build better relationships, and to apply an authentic, consistent approach to their sales efforts.

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Sales Adventures from the Road.

During the last 6 months of 2019 I am traveling around Europe, looking for clues to great sales and service, sometimes from the back of a motorcycle. I’ll be sharing my observations and lessons from the road. You can follow along by following my travel blog, Sales and the Art of Asking: Adventures from the Road Less Traveled.

PRIORITIZE for Faster Sales Results.
Identify your ideal customers, use your tools and build a list of prospects to kick off your outbound sales campaign.
The art of asking: from Norway to America and back again.
If you want better answers, ask better questions: What I learned about asking the right question. 
Prosperity: The Intersection of Pain and Progress.
At the intersection of pain and progress lies prosperity. Focus on impact, and your ability to create prosperity grows.

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Even if you are not able to travel with me physically, you can still follow along on my adventure virtually through the travel blog. 

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